The Broken Unicorn



I almost managed to destroy someone else’s world last night. A world they had worked very hard to create. I wasn’t trying to destroy it, it was an accident, a rippling consequence of an action. An action which was spurred by a certain type of boredom from which I suffer which makes me restless, which spreads through my entire system and… havoc often ensues.

I try to keep it under control, but that is not always possible.

Luckily they fixed my mess before it caused terminal destruction. Luckily they were very understanding and actually thought what I did was funny and a challenging kind of fun.


Luckily… luck exists.


The world I almost destroyed is not a real one. It was in a game where you create worlds. In multiplayer mode, you can play in someone else’s world. Which is what I was doing.

They added a feature to their world where you can create other worlds to which you travel. I created one and my travel to it crashed the game… repeatedly.

Before this they’d created a few of these other worlds to which both of us had traveled and returned without incident (other than the usual incidents of me getting killed by monsters and deaths of my own making – such as falling off the end of the world).

So, I wanted to create a world too… why did my created world have to be such a destructive liability?


My mind likes to observe and make connections.


So I observed and made connections while caught up in this mess, and in the aftermath of it.


One of the things which needed to be done to stop the entire world the other person had created from being irrevocably destroyed was to quickly transport (teleport) my character out of the anomaly (black hole) I had created. In doing this I lost everything I had and my character had to start from scratch.

Which really wasn’t a problem… considering what could have happened.

I was relieved that the only loss suffered was one to me, my character… everything else was copacetic.



I quit the game after that. Not for good (although… perhaps my absence from it is for the good of all, but the other player likes having me there (luckily?) – go figure!)


I needed to take a break and review… myself, what had happened, and how it may apply to real life.

Because what happened in the game… it has sort of happened to me in the past in real life.

A version of it.

Several similar versions of it.


When I was born… apparently my birth and the build up to it, completely ruined someone else’s world.

Carrying that kind of impression of yourself, your existence… can make you a bit insane in the membrane.


There have been times in my life when I’ve perceived myself as a myth, a mythical creature… an unicorn, maybe… because someone else seemed to see me that way.

I didn’t see myself that way, I wasn’t sure how I saw myself and kind of relied on others to help me with that…

If they thought I was an unicorn, then maybe I was…

They seemed so certain…

they’d found an unicorn at last…

until they found that I had a broken horn…

I was an unibrokorn…

and that was enough to destroy their world… apparently.


Being an unibrokorn kind of suits me…

does that make sense?


When I saw this statue of an unicorn in a rather grand country house hotel… hidden yet not hidden, just a curious curio amongst many…

I snapped a pic and said hello to a friend.


I’m just a regular old human,

klutzing my way through life…

that’s how I see myself, how others see me…


our different perspectives can sometimes destroy worlds apparently.


I’m used to starting from scratch… I don’t mind as long as it’s just me.

But it’s never just you, is it?


I try not to deliberately destroy other worlds, worlds which are not mine…


unibrokorns happen!

We didn’t mean to happen,

we try not to happen,

but we do…

when our world and yours collide.



unicorn rainbow.


Moral of the story, what I may or may not have learned from my observations and connections of this incident – perhaps I should let other people deal with things like life because they know how to fix things and I only seem to cause havoc.





What do you think?