How To Piss Off A Narcissist without even Trying

I probably shouldn’t post this post. That’s why I’m doing it.

A short while ago I posted this – A Very Human Enlightenment. By my own standards of post ratings for my own posts, it’s okay but just okay. I could have done better, but… shrug. It’s Christmas and my brain is on holiday.

I’m sort taking a break from my blog, which is of course why I’ve done more posts today than in recent weeks. I mentioned in another post how contrary I am – Contrary to Popular Belief.Β  I find that trait lovable and effing annoying.

Anyway, I decided to post – A Very Human Enlightenment – on my tumblr as well as my WordPress. Just because, they’re my blogs and they’re powered by all sorts of tech stuff, but by me too. So… you know.

I did a few more tumblr posts. Then took a leave of absence to do some offline stuff. Offline stuff sorted. I decided to check on how my posts were doing. A very blogger thing to do. And… I’m going through a bit of a change and rethink, so feedback is helping me to clarify that. And so on…

I saw that my most recent writing post on tumblr had quite a few notes, so I checked them out and saw someone had reblogged and added to the reblog. Boy had they added!

I’ve come across this particular blog before, but they don’t know that. It was a while ago. My conclusion then is the same one I have now. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions if you’re curious and have a few minutes to spare.

Their reblog of my post and their view of it: LINK

If you’ve ever had a relationship with a Narcissist, and are trying to understand WTF happened, and want to look at an interaction between a Narcissist and an ordinary human, this is a slightly interesting case study.

This person decided to take me to pieces even though they do not know me or give a shit about me. Narcissists are hyper-sensitive souls. They took my post and stretched it out of context, off into the deep end of drama.

They have a point. Somewhere. Usually I have found that Narcissists turn up in my life at crucial turning points. So, maybe that’s the point. Reminding me of something or other. Like be myself because… why not?

Enjoy the crazy and don’t take it personally. I haven’t. Narcissists are always talking about themselves, no one else exists. Which is really a relief as their world is one made up entirely of pain.

And to think I wasn’t even trying to piss of a Narcissist… that’s how easy it is to get under their thin skin. I’m weirdly chuffed by this.

Let me know what you think, or not. It’s up to you.